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Attorney on Your Own Executive Team

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Attorney on Your Own Executive Team

To start – for you small business owners or entrepreneurs just starting out, you’re probably looking at this article and thinking to yourself, “yeah, sure, I’ll get an attorney when I need one.”  Guess what?  If you’re doing anything right, and you’re doing something successful, you’re going to need one – probably sooner than you think.

You Need an Attorney – Here’s Why

Having an attorney as part of your advisory team is a critical resource.  Generally speaking, you shouldn’t need an attorney all of the time, but when you do, it’s comforting to know that you have someone as your advocate in your time of need.  Consider that it has been said 70% of the population will be involved in a lawsuit in their life.  Whether that percentage is accurate or not, I’m not sure.  What I do know is that the odds are not in our favor if we think we will successfully avoid some kind of legal situation.
Think about it.  Are you going to die someday?  Of course you will.  Do you want to leave your estate in the hands of your state government to decide who gets what?  That should be enough of a good reason to get a good attorney.
Do you have kids?  Are they old enough to drive?  What would happen if they were in a severe accident?  Regardless of who was at fault, you would most likely want to have legal representation.
If you own your business, the odds are very, very good that you will end up having a customer, vendor or employee who creates a problem.  Especially if you are in the real estate business, either as a agent or a broker, or if you are renting your property to someone, you will eventually be in a situation where you will have to seek out an attorney.
I can keep presenting scenarios and you’ll eventually fit within a potential one.  Take my word for it.  You will need an attorney.  It’s just a matter of time.

Many Scenarios – Both Personally and Professionally

Speaking personally, I have not been in a position to retain an attorney because of something wrong that I did.  I retain attorneys because people choose to take illegal or unethical advantage.  I retain attorneys to put and maintain an estate plan together for my family.  As a result, my wife and children are protected.  I retain attorneys to help me with my contracts and agreements.  The protection for lack of payment or performance is in place.  I am always able to successfully defend my position and we enjoy a positive relationship.
And I have worked with them to make sure my corporations have been formed correctly and properly managed from a legal standpoint. This may be one of the most important reasons why you need an attorney.  Attorneys help you make sure your organization maintains a proper legal presence.  The process is not as easy as it looks, especially when it comes to each state’s requirements.
If you need help with your attorney, or you need help with finding and maintaining a good relationship with an attorney, contact us by e-mail at [email protected]  We would be happy to send you some free resources for you to consider.

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