Performance Analysis

In sports, you look at the scoreboard and your statistics to see if you are winning or losing. In business, you also need to know “the score” and your statistics as well. What is your scoreboard?

A long-time football coach in Texas used to say this line: “You don’t have to be detailed-oriented to be a winner – you just need to know the right details to win.” That’s true in business as in football.

Do you know what details in your business are important for your success?

The concept of key performance metrics is an area of management easily ignored. The reason is simple: most organizations figure that they’ve already determined their metrics and don’t need to change. It might be total sales for the month and for the year that they are tracking. But are they also tracking their gross profit? Inventory variance expenses? Unit costs based on quantity? Overhead costs? The list goes on and on.

You need to know where you’re playing and if you’re winning. More importantly, you need to know how you’re going to win.

We’d love to talk to you about how you’re keeping score. Maybe you’ve figured it all out. If so, we can help you confirm that you have the winning performance strategy in place. But if we can find some key areas that will help you win more and by wider margins, your success will be stronger. Your team will become more confident and excited. And you’ll know what it feels like to be the winner on a consistent basis.

And it all comes down to knowing the right details to win.

Whether it is on the football field or in the boardroom, we’ve coached teams on how to win through key metrics. The movie “Moneyball” is a great example of how winning can be determined by knowing what to measure, both in sports and in business. And its strategies also apply to your business as well. We help you find the right numbers and the right areas for your organization to win. And that starts by finding and confirming the right metrics for you.
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