Team Creation/Team-Building Strategic Planning

Success in business is a team sport. We help you get the right players in the right spots, making the right plays.

The market is always competitive. Businesses and organizations have to be on top of their game to win.
And the competition isn’t easing up any time soon.’s resources are good. Really good. But it takes someone to implement the resources in the right way.
Jim Collins, in his classic book Good to Great, explains that each organization needs to have a basic strategy in place. The strategy is simple: get the right people “on the bus” and “in the right seats”.
To get the right people “on the bus,” you have to know if you even have the right people in your organization. That can be a tough question to answer.

Are you sure you aren’t missing the right people? Or that you need to let some people go?
You may have the right people, but are you aligning them for the best opportunities for success? Are you sure that you don’t have people in the wrong roles and responsibilities?

To win, there are three things that need to happen. First, the leader has to prepare and teach the team how to win. That means everyone needs to be “on the bus.” Secondly, the team members need to be positioned where they need to be to most effective to win. This is where they are “in the right seat.” Lastly, the leader needs to allow the team to play to win. This means that they need to have an active role and contributing to the team’s positive direction.
With our extensive experience working with teams, both in the business world as well as the sporting world, we know how to win. We’ve created wins in all kinds of organizations and environments by working alongside leaders and their teams.
And we make it fun.
The question is this: are you ready to win?

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And how to win.