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Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast

Arguably a very underrated podcast on business and organization leadership, The Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast is a great resource for leaders in any organization. The format is simple, direct and engaging. Benefit from Andy Stanley’s extensive network of fellow leaders and their strategies as he presents compelling material in his podcast episodes.

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What is The Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast?

The Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast is led by Andy Stanley, Senior Pastor of North Pointe Community Church in the Atlanta, GA area. Andy is also a highly respected expert on organization leadership. He speaks annually to over 200,000 people on leadership strategies for all kinds of businesses and organizations. He is a very prolific author with over 20 books, many on leadership qualities. Andy presents some of the best strategies for leaders and managers that he has gathered through his extensive network of fellow leaders in this podcast.

Why does listen to The Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast?

We’ve known about Andy Stanley for years. His father has served as a high-profile pastor and leader for quite a long time. As a result, Andy has spend considerable time with great leaders, first through his father’s influence and then on his own. Although having his father’s influence helped him get started, he has found his own career path and now is a very prominent leader in his own right. We have to admit that we expected his lectures and podcast would be focused on church, para-church and charity leaders. We were totally surprised to find that he has consistently avoided specifically targeting those audiences. Instead, his material has been highly beneficial for us and for any organization that is looking to “helping leaders go further, faster.” Even if you have no interest in religion or religious leadership, you’ll find that this is a highly underrated leadership podcast with a lot of great material.

Why should I listen to The Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast?

Andy’s approach and material is highly beneficial and powerful. You’ll find that you will always have a “take-away” point of emphasis that will impact your leadership after listening to his podcast. Additionally, he keeps the presentation simple and to the point. Again, you’re going to be surprised at what you find. It’s as good as it gets.

The last word . . .

Give his podcast a try. You’ll appreciate it.

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