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BetterProposals is an easy-to-use, cost- and time-efficient software program to create the best proposals for your organization. With excellent integration with your CRM program, you can create professionally-looking, excellent proposals without having to worry about layout issues. BetterProposals provides hassle-free, excellent service for you so that you can focus on what matters.

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What does BetterProposals offer?

BetterProposals offers a simple, easy-to-use solution for all of the proposals you write. It eliminates a lot of the tedious formatting, aligning and detailed work that we used to have to do in the past. It integrates with all of the high-profile CRM programs, so you can seamlessly use BetterProposals with what you’re currently using for your customer relationship management software. As they explain it, “just type in what you like and add in your pricing.” Lastly, it creates a very attractive proposal that looks like a skilled professional completed it for you.

Why does use BetterProposals?

Even though we do have graphic design skills in our corporate background, we realize that using the most effective tools is a whole lot smarter than trying to create something from scratch. It makes little sense to try to create a proposal from nothing if there are great resources out there to help us do it quickly, efficiently and professionally. Frankly, we’d rather be writing articles for our friends like yourselves, than to be crafting graphics and layout for proposals. That’s why we use BetterProposals.

Why should I use BetterProposals?

Proposals require a lot of attention and a lot of detail. Even detailed-oriented people find proposals to be a challenge. If you miss something, or you create a distraction within your proposal, it could mean that you don’t get the sale. So there is a lot riding on the proposals you complete. BetterProposals allows you to focus on what’s important and then does the rest of the work for you. It allows you to look at the details that matter the most, and it positions you to be as accurate, detailed and professional as possible. Eliminate the distractions and the tedious work by using BetterProposals, and focus on what will make the sale for you and your organization.

The last word . . .

Leave the layout responsibilities to the professionals. Get your best proposal work on paper with BetterProposals.

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