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Evernote is the premiere information and data gathering resource for professionals and leaders.  Its note-taking and storage system is the best in the industry.  If you need to store something and find it again quickly and easily, Evernote is the software program for you!

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What does Evernote offer?


Evernote is the best software app when it comes to content management.  This app stores and manages all kinds of content: audio, video, graphics, photos, notes, webpages . . . and a whole lot more.  Not only can you store all of your content, you can find it easily and efficiently when you need it.  It is available on practically every OS and platform you are using, including: iOS, Windows, Android, etc.  It works great with most browsers as well with effective plugins.

Rather than having us explain their story, let’s give Evernote the mic to tell us what it does really well:

From small tasks to major projects, Evernote is where you’ll achieve your best work, day in and day out.As one workspace that lives across your phone, tablet, and computer, Evernote is the most productive office for modern teams.

Write free from distraction, collect information, find what you need, and present your ideas to the world—all more efficiently than you ever imagined, giving you more time to take your ideas from inspiration to reality.

Here’s why more than 150 million professionals rely on Evernote as their daily workspace:

Everything you write, everywhere you go
Evernote is designed for modern writing. From project plans to meeting notes, the latest versions of everything you write are automatically available across your devices.

Work anywhere, together
Whether your colleagues are across the room or around the world, Evernote makes knowledge sharing and project collaboration flow smoothly. You can create notebooks for each project, then share them with your team so everyone can access information and contribute their expertise.

Present your ideas, no slides needed
Great work takes shape with input along the way. Evernote’s Presentation mode makes meetings more meaningful by offering a more informal way to present ideas and get feedback, no need to fuss with slides or formatting. With one click, your work is transformed into a beautiful screen-friendly layout.

All of your research, all in one place
Evernote takes your online research beyond bookmarks. With Web Clipper, you can save articles you find and want to keep directly into Evernote. You can also take a snapshot of photographs or printed documents and send them directly into the app.

Find what you’re looking for, fast
Evernote’s powerful search makes finding documents, text, and images lightning fast. Whether it’s your work or a team member’s, it’ll be at the ready – anytime, anywhere, and across all of your devices.

The latest version is always at hand
With Evernote, you don’t need to email yourself documents so you can access them on another device later. The latest versions of all your notes, web clips, files, and images are available whenever you need them on every device and computer you use.

A (nearly) paperless office
Whenever a piece of software shows us an 8.5” x 11″ page, we know it’s built for a world that no longer exists. It’s not that we’re against paper, we’re against needless paper cluttering your desktop. Evernote makes it easy to share ideas and collaborate on projects, so you won’t need or want to print what you write.

Why does use Evernote?

After working with a number of resources, both free and paid, we realized that we needed a great resource that would allow us to manage all of the content we collect and create.  Considering that we manage a lot of content, we needed a program that was robust, stable and easy to use and understand.  There is nothing more frustrating than to try to find something and have to spend a lot of time to find it.  Who wants to see an hourglass, clock, spinning circle, or time bar when you need it now?  We found that Evernote not only made it easier to find and manage the content we need, we also found that the stability of the program was excellent, too.
We believe in Evernote so much, our CEO, John Harris, personally completed the process to be an Evernote Certified Consultant.
John’s comments: “Evernote is the best I’ve found when it comes to organizing our content for  We were so pleased with the way we were able to manage everything and to share between our team members . . . With the certification process with Evernote, we found out a whole lot more about how to use Evernote more powerfully and effectively.  Not only did we learn a lot of great solutions, but we were also able to see a bit of what Evernote is developing for the future. is thrilled to be partnering with Evernote!”

Why should I use Evernote?

If you want to keep your content organized, Evernote is the best solution.  If you want an app that is scalable and reliable, Evernote is the best solution.  If you want an app that has a lot of potential for the future, Evernote is the best solution.  If you need to find something fast, Evernote is the best solution.  If you are looking for our great strategies implemented in your organization, Evernote is what we choose – because Evernote is the best solution.  We’re committed to building a lot of supporting content here on with Evernote as the only content management app we recommend.  We’re not saying all of this because we’re getting paid big bucks – we’re saying this because . . . you get the idea.  And we’re here to help you to get the most out of Evernote.

The last word . . .

Keep an eye on what Evernote is doing now and start working with it.  Evernote is good now, and is going to be really good in the future.

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