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Method is a great CRM solution for businesses and organizations. Its integration with Intuit’s QuickBooks online and desktop programs makes it a tremendous resources to manage sales and customer service needs.

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What does Method:CRM offer?

Method:CRM is a great customer relationship management (CRM) resource for businesses and organizations. Its integration with Intuit’s QuickBooks software packages, makes it a tremendous program for managing your sales and customer service departments. As they say, “Nobody likes entering data twice.” That’s true, but no one likes data that is hard to find, either. Method:CRM handles both situations with skill and ease.

In addition, if you’re serious about great customer service and effective sales systems, you want a CRM solution that gives you the power and capabilities to easily manage whatever it is that you need – and then some. Its focus on “opportunities” and providing all of the information you and your organization needs to close deals, talk about possibilities, and to serve customers well is outstanding.

Method:CRM’s integration with Google resources, such as Google Gmail and Google Calendar, makes your life a whole lot easier. Gone are the days where you have to hop back and forth from your email client to the CRM software. Method:CRM allows you to manage activities, opportunities and contacts within Gmail.

There’s a lot more to say about Method, but we recommend that you check it out for yourself!

Why does use Method:CRM?

The main reason why we were attracted to Method:CRM was due to Intuit’s recommendation as a trusted software provider. Intuit doesn’t recommend a whole lot of software packages, and they especially don’t recommend CRM solutions too often. If Intuit recommends Method:CRM, it must be pretty good – and it is. Just for the integration of the two programs was enough for us to use it.

Then we started using it. We were impressed. Many CRM programs are really focused on one of two things: lots of functions or ease of use. It’s rare to find a program that manages both areas really well. Method:CRM’s functionalities are outstanding. If you’re really wanting to customize the program to do a whole lot of unique, organization-specific functions, you can accomplish those tasks and functions within Method:CRM. If you’re just wanting to get started and to manage your customer contacts, and you don’t have a whole lot of desire or need to make an extensive process or environment, you can get started with Method:CRM right away.

Why should I use Method:CRM?

If you use QuickBooks and you need to use a customer relationship management tool, Method:CRM is the best tool you should use. Sure, you don’t want to be inputting data into two different and unconnected programs – which is really important. If you’re using QuickBooks and you don’t have Method:CRM, you are probably doing a lot of double-entry tasks. It’s important, though, to understand that you want the two programs working together so that you can see all of the important information you need to run your organization well. Additionally, you don’t need complexity – you need efficiency. Method:CRM is a program that gets you where you need to be quickly and easily, and it allows you to run things without a whole lot of confusing steps or long processes.

The last word …

Ease of use and a powerful platform drives Method:CRM. Especially if you’re using QuickBooks, you’d be crazy not to use it.

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