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Neat is the best document scanning software on the market.  Better yet, Neat’s document storage system is incredibly easy and convenient to use.  From expense receipts to archiving important documents, Neat is the solution you want for all of your record-keeping needs.

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What does Neat offer?


Neat offers an easy-to-use scanner and document management process for our professional and personal use.  Once you scan the document, Neat’s character-recognition software takes the scanned data and converts it into important data. If you are collecting receipts, Neat’s software recognizes vendor/store names, totals, taxes and other information on the receipts and then puts all of it where you need it.  For other documents, you can convert them into PDF documents quickly and easily.  Also, if you use QuickBooks, the collaboration between Neat and QuickBooks allows you to put your documents scanned with Neat into QuickBooks, and it allows you to take the data gathered from scans to be imported into QuickBooks. Lastly, Neat’s cloud storage solutions allow you to access any of your documents on any of your devices or computers.

Why does use Neat?


We found that we collect a lot of documents in our everyday operations, especially receipts.  As a result, we were finding that we were spending a lot of time managing our documents.  Every year we would spend hours putting documents into boxes – only to store them for the required time and then to eventually get them shredded.  And, frankly, it was becoming a hassle.
When we found Neat, we decided to give it a try.  Neat provides a money-back guarantee for the first 90 days, so we figured that it was a low-risk opportunity.  As we started to use the Neat software, we were impressed with the ease-of-use that we gained.  Not only were were able to get our documents scanned quickly and easily, but we were able to find the documents very easily with the Neat software.
As a result, we stuck with Neat and have enjoyed the benefits of the product and software ever since.  We also started recommending Neat to our clients as well.  Because of our recommendations and the urging of our clients, we pursued a certification with Neat to be a consultant.  We’re thrilled to recommend Neat and are looking forward for more stories of success and benefits by using Neat.

Why should I use Neat?


As we work with various clients, we have found that most of them fall into two categories.  The first category of clients tend to throw receipts and documents into boxes and files and then they take them to the accountant at the end of the year.  That is the worst thing a business can do, because they run the risk of misplacing or losing important paperwork over time.  The other type of client is careful to collect all of their receipts and documents and carefully puts them in organized files.  As a result, it takes time and focus to keep everything orderly, which can be expensive and time-consuming.
Neat is the best solution for either category.  For the company that is disorganized, they can run everything through the scanner and let the software do its magic to organize everything.  For those who are careful to store and organize everything, this software will save a lot of time and money by making the process easy and quick.
Within the last few years, the IRS and the federal government have required that scanned documents and receipts are recognized as original files.  In simple terms, you can scan a receipt and then print off a copy if needed – and the merchant must treat it as if it was the original.  With that in mind, you can scan all of your receipts and then print them off when you need to make a return or exchange.  This reduces a lot of clutter and the chances of losing those important receipts you don’t want to lose.
Lastly, I’ve talked to a lot of accountants.  They insist that it is so important to maintain records of all of your financial documents.  As a result, many of them strongly recommend the use of Neat scanners and software.  When you have everything carefully stored and easily accessible, it allows your accountant or tax advisor to see what you have and to get as many legally allowable tax deductions.   Neat can be your #1 tool to save money on taxes and accounting fees as you make the year-end process more efficient.

The last word …


If you don’t want to lose any of your paperwork and you don’t want to maintain big file cabinets, do yourself a favor and get yourself a Neat scanner and sign up for their cloud storage software.  You won’t regret the decision.

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