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Rackspace is a key service provider for From premiere Microsoft Office365 products to cloud hosting services, Rackspace does it all when it comes to email, storage and enterprise computing environment needs.

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What does Rackspace offer?


Rackspace offers a wide array of cloud-based and hosting resources, along with best-in-industry email and Microsoft Office365 products and services.  In non-technical terms, if you need to put your computer server in a safe, secure and reliable place, Rackspace can do it.  If you need to store a lot of computer files in a safe, secure and reliable place, Rackspace can do it. If you need email services, Rackspace can do it. If you need Office365 products and services, Rackspace can do it. And if you need to do those things in multiple locations, Rackspace offers those services.

What we found years ago was that Rackspace offered highly reliable email services.  As Microsoft started to broaden their Office 365 services, Rackspace became an Office 365 provider.  In simple terms, Rackspace not only offers email services, but now they offer the whole range of Office 365 services, including Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, OneNote and all of the other programs in the package.
Not only do they offer all of these services, they also offer e-commerce services and scalable services for all kinds of organizations.

Why does use Rackspace?


The reason why we use Rackspace is simple: unparalleled reliability.  When we’ve used other services, we’ve found a higher rate of “degraded service” or “unavailable servers.”  We have used their cloud storage services and it has always been reliable and accessible, due to their “redundancy” of multiple servers “mirroring” themselves around the world.  If one server stops working or isn’t able to be accessed, the other servers are available and take over.  And that means a lot when you have to get your email or other data.
We do like using the Office 365 suite, both on the Windows platform and also the iOS (Apple) platform.  We’ve had success with all of our devices.  And Rackspace’s customer service was excellent as they helped us get everything set up.  Not only were their tutorial videos and documents the best that we have seen, their tech support personnel were helpful and patient when we needed their help.
The last thing that you want to be dealing with is technical problems.  With Rackspace, they have made our transitions to their services as easy as possible, and they’ve also maintained their services so well to the point that we don’t have to contact them to help us.  And, yes, we’ve tried various companies – Rackspace is the best we’ve found.

Why should I use Rackspace?


Like we mentioned before, Rackspace’s reliability and great service is excellent.  We just don’t see the outages and loss of service as we found with other companies.  The other compelling reason is Rackspace’s scalability.  If you’re a very small organization or just starting out, Rackspace is able and willing to work with you and your needs.  If you’re a growing organization, they can manage whatever you give them.  And if you’re a large organization and you have significant IT needs, Rackspace has the infrastructure to give you the same high level of service.
We like the fact that we’re treated like an important company, even though we’re a whole lot smaller than some of their big clients.  And we like the fact that they’re willing to show us how to grow on the IT side of things in the right way.

The last word …


Be a big shot with Rackspace, no matter how big your IT needs might be.  Take advantage of their big-corporation resources to enjoy 100% reliability.

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