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Stencil is an incredibly easy-to-use graphic design program. With over 1.2 million background images, 800,000 icons, 100,000 quotes, over 60 beautiful templates, and all the custom sizes you need for blogs, website pictures, banner ads, etc., Stencil is the “go-to” program when you need to build a graphic for your website, blog or social media.

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What does Stencil offer?

When it comes to building graphics for social media, websites, and other projects, it seems like the programs out there are either really easy and ineffective, or they’re very effective and very hard to understand. The makers at Stencil figured this out and decided to make a graphic design program that is easy to use and very effective. They’ve taken the “drag and drop” concept of building a graphic and made it very easy for us to get things done. Pick a template, click on a graphic, quote or icon, and just pull it over to the template. It’s that easy.

Need power? Stencil has it. Try 1,200,000 background photos, 800,000 icons and graphics, 100,000 quotes, 1200 Google fonts, 650 templates and 37 common presets for size. That’s strong power for whatever you need. Seeing that Stencil is web-based, you can make a graphic on the fly on your computer, tablet or phone. It integrates with your social media accounts and with Buffer.

This is a great tool that you need in your toolbox. Period.

Why does use Stencil?

When you’re busy and trying to get things done quickly and efficiently, you want resources that are effective and easy-to-use. Updating social media accounts requires quick, frequent updates and we need something easy and powerful to use to get our messages out there. We pick Stencil as it makes graphic design simple and quick. We don’t have to go digging into our stock photos and graphics to put something together. It’s all in Stencil.

Why should I use Stencil?

If you don’t have a lot of expertise in Photoshop or Illustrator, which most people don’t, it makes no sense to be diving into those programs to design graphics for your organization’s needs. Even when you do have the expertise in those programs like we do, it still makes no sense to use a program that will ultimately take more time than you need to spend. Get the graphic design work done quickly, efficiently and beautifully.

The last word . . .

Especially for social media graphic design work, Stencil is the essential program you need for graphic design.

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