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What Vision and Mission am I Communicating?

By |2018-08-23T17:48:45-06:00January 10th, 2019|Categories: Goal Development, Personal Development|Tags: , , , , |

One of the most popular tasks for executives leading organizations is to complete the process of building vision and mission statements. It's a great process to determine the best goals and objectives for the organization. It's also a great opportunity for everyone to come together to work on a project that provides clear direction for the [...]

Implementing a Detailed-Oriented Management Strategy

By |2018-08-23T15:08:22-06:00November 7th, 2018|Categories: Business Education, Business Strategies, Personal Development|Tags: , , , , |

Some people are detailed-oriented. Some aren't. Every person has the skills and the ability to be detailed-oriented. In this post about implementing a detailed-oriented management strategy, you should find that you have the skills. You just need to think more strategically about the important details. Being Detailed-Oriented is Possible! I like quoting this: you don't have [...]

A Great Business Advisor: Making the Complex Simple

By |2018-08-23T14:23:31-06:00October 10th, 2018|Categories: Business Education, Business Services, Business Strategies, Computer Software|Tags: , , , , |

I have found that I can gain advice on a lot of subjects.  It all depends on who it is and where the advice is coming from.  I’ve also found that I can get cheap advice from a lot of different places.  If I implement that advice, it can be very expensive.  Regardless, I need for [...]

A Great Business Advisor: A Balanced Advisor

By |2018-08-23T17:20:37-06:00October 9th, 2018|Categories: Business Education, Business Services, Business Strategies|Tags: , , , |

When looking for a business advisor, it is important to find someone who has a balanced approach.  You want a balanced advisor that can speak and share insights on many subjects.  Many business advisors who offer their services on the market are usually strong in a particular area. This could include sales and marketing or in [...]

A Great Business Advisor: A Committed Advisor for You

By |2018-08-23T14:22:51-06:00October 8th, 2018|Categories: Business Education, Business Services, Business Strategies|Tags: , , , , |

After struggling for a while with the process of getting my business up and running, I talked to my financial advisor and asked for his advice.   As a part of the services he offered, he had listed “small business advisor,” so I figured that he would be my best option.  I also thought he would [...]

Being a Jerk as a Leader – A Ruthless Approach Works

By |2018-08-23T17:19:04-06:00October 1st, 2018|Categories: Personal Development|Tags: , , , |

In this latest blog article about “Being a Jerk as a Leader”, we cover why it is important for success. To be successful demands a level of ruthless thinking. Being ruthless isn't a synonym for being mean and nasty. Simply defined, it means having or showing no pity or compassion. In business, this quality is required [...]